16 December 2015

IoT is also a cloud: a platform at the service of our business processes

When we talk about the Internet of Things, different communication systems and different computer paradigms are involved, supported by hardware and software components. The scope is that of ICT and in it we find wireless wi-fi and bluetooth technologies that allow communication between sensors, actuators, RFID, smart devices and management IT platforms hosted on the cloud. Often in such systems cards applied to machines or objects communicate intelligently with devices through which the user interfaces, such as tablets and smartphones, making full use of their services aimed at improving processes.

One of Keplero’s main focuses on productivity in the industrial sector, the applied IoT aims at monitoring and managing processes to improve company competitiveness. One of the key words is real time, where the possibility of improving efficiency and control goes through the ability to have continuous and real-time access to its production procedures. Thanks to the IoT, the concept of monitoring can be expanded and enhanced.

To do this we can not ignore the component of cloud computing, that paradigm that allows us to finalize our technological efforts and serve them within our reach. With the cloud we can have access from anywhere that has connectivity interfacing with any of our compatible devices to a single centralized software for all phases of the process. Among its services, Kepler offers a cloud management platform able to do just that, active and intelligent, which exploiting an open source framework allows to interact in multidevice mode.

A cloud platform, however, must also adapt to the needs of the user, that of Kepler is simple and intuitive, as well as flexible and customizable. Thanks to it, in fact, the administrator can implement operating rules, manage notifications and interface to the entire system by following all the activities of the components involved. Every object and every process will be detailed. An efficient IoT system has no data constraints, allows information to be processed and related to it. Flexibility is an important component and it is precisely in the ability to adapt to the needs of change that the central management software of Kepler manages to establish one of its virtuous peculiarities.