15 January 2019

BNova strengthens its expertise in the IoT sector by acquiring a stake in Keplero srl

BNova, Data intelligence company active on the national market since 2007, is a company strongly focused on data analysis whose main areas of activity are:

  • Big Data
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Cognitive computing

Over the years BNova has been committed to developing a neural network of skills that would allow it to position itself on the market as one of the main players for IT services and consultancy.

In December 2018 the collaboration with one of the historical partners, Keplero, was strengthened through the acquisition of a portion of the company shares.

Serena Arrighi, CEO of BNova said: “this acquisition is part of BNova’s strategy, which involves increasing the market share on the Italian market, also by consolidating collaborations in which we were not yet active … The purpose of this operation is to to extend mutual competencies in their respective areas of specialization. BNova, has always been strongly focused on data analysis; to enhance the IoT-related asset, a sphere that we strongly believe to be related to data analysis, we relied on Keplero, a company that shares with BNova the customer approach and technological frontiers. Kepler has developed an innovative software platform for real-time monitoring of complex industrial processes, in order to increase its competitiveness – This – states Serena – is the natural evolution of a collaboration that has been going on for years and which has led to excellent results , especially on the Roman market. “

Description of the Business carried out by Keplero

Keplero Srl was founded in 2013 as an innovative start-up, quickly becoming an innovative SME. It offers an integrated suite of products that allows the management of IoT projects according to an end to end approach, from modeling and acquisition of data in real time, to the definition of algorithms and business logic, to the definition and management of notifications, alarms, dashboards, business analytics, interactions with external systems. The design, development, monitoring and management model is based on the use of a series of web tools integrated within the platform that allow the definition of business logic typical of such projects even without the need for technical skills in software development.

Fabio Cilento COO and co-founder of Keplero regarding the acquisition declared “we chose Bnova because we share the same vision of a possible future, where the skills are intertwined to provide the customer with increasingly accurate solutions: this is how IoT and data analytics become a business development platform. Today it is becoming increasingly strategic for a company to collect and interpret Big Data coming from the IoT to correlate it with those already present in the company systems, providing a more realistic view, useful for decision making. It is of paramount importance to have optimal BI solutions to collect, historicize, manipulate and enhance these data, merging IoT, Big Data, Cloud, Business and Advanced Analytics data collection technologies. “

Immediate effects of the operation will undoubtedly be the consolidation of the leadership on the national market, the enlargement and the intensification of the reciprocal supply.