22 June 2017

Agriculture 4.0 comes with Precision Farming

Currently, the world population has about 7.5 billion people destined to increase up to 8.5 billion by 2023, according to UN estimates. Nearly 1 billion people are hungry and, paradoxically, 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted every year.
The question is: what actions are we planning and what projects are we taking to ensure that food waste diminishes? Further squeezing the planet’s resources could lead to a point of no return: it is necessary to start a path of real sustainability.

Food crops and digital transformation

In this framework of exploitation of all available resources, the only viable path is that of sustainability. Improving crop yields today is possible with the support of new technologies for the development of Precision Farming (precision agriculture): in parallel with what happens in industry with industry 4.0, also in agriculture the application of innovative tools as sensors for measuring climatic conditions or the state of health of the soil can make the difference.

Precision farming: the tools provided by Digital Disruption

The scenario put in place by the new digitized agriculture is made of drones, GPS assisted combine harvesters, machines for variable dosing, sensors for measuring humidity, temperature and atmospheric conditions. The huge amount of data collected allows us to analyze the conditions of production, improve the yield and develop specific strategies.

Smart Agriculture: the prospects for the coming years.

The belief is that Precision farming can support agricultural production and increase the transparency and competitiveness of companies, improve food and environmental quality and track production by offering a great help to the defense of Made in Italy.