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Keplero is an integrated suite of products that allows the management of IoT projects according to an end to end approach, from modeling and acquisition of data in real time, to the definition of algorithms and business logic, to the definition and management of notifications, alarms, dashboards , business analytics, interactions with external systems. The design, development, monitoring and management model is based on the use of a series of web tools integrated within the platform that allow the definition of business logic typical of such projects even without the need for technical skills in software development .

Keplero Tools

Event modeler

The Event Modeler is a tool for modeling and managing all types of events that can be acquired from the platform. It allows the modeling of low-level communication protocols. It is the starting point for the E2E design.

Rule editor

The Rule Editor is an interface for creating, monitoring and managing all processing logics implemented on the platform. It allows you to develop business logic using the platform correlation engine native language, using an integrated code editor. All the developed logics are immediately available (Hot Deployment).

Dashboard designer

The interactive Dashboard Designer allows you to quickly and easily create real-time dashboards with different data visualization modes. The Dashboards created with the Designer are published in the Real-Time Analysis area of the platform. Dashboards include interactive features: repositioning, closing and deleting widgets, full-screen, selection and export areas. The Dashboards produced can be exported to external Portals directly through dedicated portlets (JSR-168).

Power Flow

Power Flow is a graphic designer that allows you to define real-time data processing logics in complete autonomy. It allows real-time acquisition, processing and control of events in drag and drop mode. It has a rich library of Connectors, Operators and Actions (Sink). The completely extensible architecture allows the realization of custom components.