15 February 2019 News

Blockchain as “Truth machine” is the “future of everything”?

The future of everything Michael Casey and Paul Vigna, in their book “The Truth Machine: [...]

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15 January 2019 News

BNova strengthens its expertise in the IoT sector by acquiring a stake in Keplero srl

BNova, Data intelligence company active on the national market since 2007, is a company [...]

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16 March 2018 Events

The life cycle of the data in the frame of the “Palazzo di ghiaccio, Milan”

Let’s reenact the history of the data, starting from the genesis with the RFID and BLE [...]

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22 November 2017 News

Internet of Things and SMEs: are companies ready for the revolution?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is part of the life of all of us and is literally an integral part [...]

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