24 March 2016

Internet of things and everyday life: how technology is changing everyday life

The daily gestures are constantly evolving since the Internet of Things opened up new possibilities for using connectivity that until a few decades ago were considered science fiction.

We can connect objects to the internet and take advantage of the countless advantages: a simple concept but with enormous potential. Knowing which route to take in order to avoid traffic, being able to manage the heating of your home based on the outside temperature or with the exception of the convenience of an intelligent traffic light.

The applications of the Internet of things are able to respond to the concrete needs of everyday life and to improve it from every point of view. Today we can connect appliances, we can track vehicles in real time, we can control energy savings and environmental pollution.

From production processes to mobility, from medicine to safety through energy efficiency up to the control of an entire city, the possible uses of the Internet of things are really many.

Controlling household appliances in an intelligent way, for example, reduces energy consumption by adapting the heating of the home according to external weather conditions.

Another very important field of application is environmental. In fact, in recent years, the amount of fine dust in large cities is growing dramatically and the IoT can become an essential tool to control in real time the climate changes and the level of pollution at the nerve centers of the city.

The universe of connected objects opens up a world of possibilities. Keplero has developed an IoT platform that can transform every process and improve the productivity of companies. To find out more, contact us.