8 February 2016

The cloud is synonymous with efficiency (but in security)

The cloud can undoubtedly improve the experience of a service, increase the efficiency of operations and the ability to customize functions and tools for each user. Mobile access, increased storage, and reduced costs are all business-related elements that not only make the cloud profitable. A platform, or better, a properly implemented cloud solution allows, for example, to manage and maintain control of the entire service process and also of industrial production. Big giants of the IT and ICT world now “chew” cloud every day: Microsoft, Oracle, Google and Cisco, to name a few.

Even for SMEs, cloud computing can be an opportunity to access the efficiency of services through digital, certainly, reasoning on the broad and global breath, and now pervasive of these requests, to pursue the competitiveness in the markets it is necessary to open up to digital paths, taking advantage of the wide margins of connectivity and performance made available by progress in TLC infrastructures.

It must be said, however, that this is a world that should not be underestimated, reserves many advantages but also requires many precautions. With the cloud, the Data Centers are needed and with them the archiving, traceability and accessibility of an enormous amount of data and information are promoted. Every time we outsource data we must, however, remind ourselves of the security and protection of our sensitive information. There is a cloud provider, an infrastructure, there are policies and it is therefore necessary to ensure and protect the security of data from cyber threats and from any abuse of privacy. The cloud provider has obligations on the custody and security of our data, and with the policies we can conform the company in compliance with regulations and with the obligation to protect all the stakeholders involved in our business. When we use a cloud service, we need to have a clear understanding of the security procedures and policies of our supplier and to consider the need to make security adjustments and additions. We also point out that we ourselves have responsibilities for the conscious management of our company, for the informational and sensitive resources related to it, to which we deliver the gift of “ubiquity”. Many, too much information has a specific weight not indifferent, are made accessible on the Net, but at the same time must be protected.