16 March 2018

The life cycle of the data in the frame of the “Palazzo di ghiaccio, Milan”

Let’s reenact the history of the data, starting from the genesis with the RFID and BLE technologies, turning it into useful information with the Keplero platform to respond to the monitored events.


Keplero will be attending at the annual IOTHINGS event, organized by Innovability, totally dedicated to the IoT that takes place, from 2002, in spring in Milan.

IOTHINGS (Milan, 10/11 April 2018) will take place in the splendid Palazzo del Ghiaccio and is the first and most important Italian event dedicated to IoT technologies applied to the development of innovative solutions and services in vertical areas such as Industry 4.0 or Smart City. The IoT ecosystem is constantly evolving and Kepler is an integral part of it. Here Keplero will demonstrate, together with the Global RFID partners BLUEPYC, how to ferry the data from the physical to the digital world transforming it into useful information.

Using the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology and the iBeacon protocol, an indoor tracking and tracking system will be created for visitors, which will allow the Keplero platform to monitor their movements: an intuitive and fun way to let the public live the meaning of monitoring automatic and localization, which culminates with a gadget for each participant in the game!

#Looking4.0, this is the name of the game created specifically for our visitors (participants in the IoThingsMilan event), a sort of treasure hunt that aims to accompany people along a path that makes IoT technologies live fully. A game that takes you to the heart of BLE technology and realtime location, in an IOT perspective. Everything takes place on the parterre of the splendid Ice Palace.

How does it work? Come to one of the Keplero or Bluepyc stands and collect the Beacon BLE, then set off in search of the stations sown in the parterre of the Ice Palace! After stopping in front of each station, complete your route in the Looking4.0 station in the Live Experience Area and return the Beacon.