Safeguarding the environment is one of the most debated issues of this period: it is fundamental to have respect and care of the Earth to guarantee a better future for the next generations. The European Community is constantly active in the development of environmental policies such as the “Europe 2020” strategy, which has among its objectives the reduction of CO2 emissions by 20%. It is for this reason that more and more often we hear about e-mobility as an important step for a more human-friendly future. Yess.Energy was born to promote a new approach to the environment, sustainable mobility and the circular economy. YESS offers an independent technology, not tied to any manufacturer / distributor of energy. It is also able to offer the user a safe and fast recharge experience, thanks to a system to search and interact with the columns, and to the operator the possibility to monitor in real time the status, use and any faults . Internet of things, Big Data and Cloud are the basis of the Yess.Energy solution. The great challenge has been to put these three factors into value by leveraging the extraordinary potential that data can bring to the theme of mobility. In this sense, the Keplero’s suite has ensured significant advantages in terms of interoperability, flexibility and use of open standards and has significantly reduced costs and development times.